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We are presenting a wide range of soft reflectors. They come in many shapes and colors, which appeal to children. Ideal for carrying on satchels or backpacks. A great idea for a prize in preschool and school competitions or additionally to a gift that will make children happy and at the same time improve their visibility on the road. The simplest way to protect your child from an accident on the road is to equip it with reflective elements. Even the smallest and inconspicuous one - such as our soft reflector - makes a very big difference and makes the young person much more visible to drivers - both during the day and after dark.

In our offer you can find a wide selection of soft reflectors. Why are they so popular with our customers?

• they are made from top-quality prismatic film with excellent reflective power,
• they are available in many designs that will appeal to both the youngest and older children,
• thanks to many solutions they are willingly worn to school, for shopping or even meeting with friends.

The reflector from our offer can be attached to a child's backpack or a jacket in a few seconds - each comes with a chain or a snap hook. These few moments will increase your child's safety a few times.

On special orders we make prints on our reflectors - it is possible with orders above 1000 pieces.

Why do children like soft reflectors?

Children simply adore soft reflectors. They willingly wear our reflective items on jackets, backpacks, school bags or attached to bicycles. This reflective gadget is extremely functional - though small, it improves the visibility of the child near traffic during walks, return from school or during play. Remember that the more visible child, especially after dark, the safer!

Soft reflector - a solution for every child.

Soft reflectors are extremely comfortable to use, and they are easy to attach to your backpack or jacket - they have a comfortable chain. Moreover, in our offer you will find a variety of colors and designs - your child will surely choose something for themselves.

Soft reflectors from KAMDO offer the highest quality, interesting design and are perfectly suited to your needs.

Contact us and we will find a solution for you! Are you interested in soft reflectors? Contact us!

Soft reflectors on a chain