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Reflective lanyards - the most popular gadget!

Do you know which reflective gadget is especially favored by children and teenagers? It's a reflective lanyard, on which you can hang keys, phone or any other item. They are extremely functional and, additionally, they enhance the visibility of a child near traffic taking care of their safety.

Why should you equip your child with reflective lanyards?

It is a matter of common sense. Warning lanyard improve visibility near busy roads – going to and from school, playing or walking - and better visibility can save your child from an accident.

Reflective lanyards in KAMDO

We offer reflective lanyards in 5 colors: yellow, navy, green, orange and red. They are all universal size - 50 cm x 1.5 cm. This way any logo or advertising slogan can be printed on them. They can also be worn by adults - many companies use lanyards to carry IDs or access cards.

Come and get acquainted with our wide range of reflective lanyards!

Reflective lanyards