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Our life is priceless!

Wearing one or several bands increases the chances of avoiding the accident several times. A child equipped with these becomes visible for a car driver from 200-300 meters. A wide range of colorful bands is a great idea for school prizes or as a supplement to a gift that will also improve a child's safety on the road. Let's not forget older people who can walk along the roadside not being visible enough without any reflective element.

The reflective armband is the simplest and most effective protection for children, adolescents and adults alike! Especially popular are snapbands. They are easy and comfortable to wear and fashionable as well! Thanks to them you can effectively ensure your safety:

- near traffic,

- on the roadside

– e.g. when repairing a car,

- while riding a bike or a scooter.

In our offer you can find as many as nine vivid colors of reflective bands, from which you can choose the one that best suits your taste. Each reflective band offers excellent visibility near traffic even in very difficult weather conditions. By wearing one or several, our chances of preventing an accident and avoiding being hit by a car are several times higher!

We also provide the possibility of ordering reflective bands with optional prints - such as your company or institution logo, or any other inscription.

We guarantee the highest quality and competitive prices - both in wholesale and retail!

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