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Rigid reflectors on a chain / snap hook – ideal reflective gadgets

They are durable, made with attention to every detail, have an interesting design and, above all, children like them. Rigid reflector is a reflective gadget that every student or preschooler should have attached to their school bag. They improve the visibility of the child on the road and thus can protect them from a serious accident.

Rigid reflectors from KAMDO - quality guarantee

Our rigid reflectors are not only made from the finest materials and meet many standards. They also come in many colors and designs - so every child can choose one for themselves. We offer rigid reflectors in several colors and many designs, our offer perfectly matches your needs. Each reflector is equipped with a special chain or a snap hook, which makes it easy to attach to a backpack, satchel, jacket or even a bike. We make prints on rigid reflectors - if you order 1000 pieces of these gadgets, you can apply your logo or contact details.

Rigid reflectors on a chain