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We present a wide range of reflective stickers. They come in many shapes and colors, children love sticking them on their school bags and backpacks. A great idea for prizes in preschool and school competitions or additionally to a gift that will make someone happy and at the same time improve their visibility on the road.

Reflective stickers - the leader among reflelctive gadgets

Reflective stickers are especially loved by children. Why? They are amazingly colourful, they come in many designs and shapes and they can be used everywhere - stuck to a bike, backpack, etc. But that's not all. Their primary role is to improve visibility on the road, thus ensuring safety after dark, while walking, on the way to and from school.

Reflective stickers - solutions not only for children

Children are particularly fond of this type of items but it is also a great solution for adults. Reflective stickers can also be affixed to a car, a bicycle helmet, a motorcycle helmet or a motorcycle. The stickers we offer are 5-7 cm and they come in many designs / colors - you will definitely find something for yourself.

Reflective stickers are also great advertisement gadgets. We can place your logo on them or any advertising slogan, graphics, etc. From 100 pieces we will make your chosen pattern on one coloured foil, according to your suggestions.

Reflective stickers